Sunday, 10 April 2011

Left Side Emergency Exits

Emergency Door - Left Side

The next structural difference between Labradors and Voyageurs was the left side emergency door.
Left side emergency doors differed in two ways; shape and the opening mechanism.  Labrador emergency doors were longer and clearly rectangular like the very early A model CH-46s, while the Voyageur emergency door was shorter and had a somewhat rectangular shape with rounded corners like later CH-46As and subsequent 46 variants.  Labrador emergency doors were similar in size and shape to Kawasaki built helicopters even though Boeing Vertol built the Labs. This becomes relevant for modelers, selecting the right kit, when accuracy is important.

Unlike American military CH-46s that used emergency doors and exits as machine gun positions,
both Canadian variants used the emergency door for its intended purpose only. It is therefore interesting to note that the mechanism to open the doors differed. Voyageurs used a pull-tab and ribbon seal to open the door whilst the Labrador used the same style door handle as on the cockpit and Dutch Doors.!

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