Friday, 9 March 2012

Chapter 2 – Evolution to Common Features - Section 1 Visible Features

Section 1
Visible Features
This section will deal with the areas of detail that contributed to the “look” of both 113s and 113As starting with some short lived differences before moving on to what eventually became the “common look” of the two variants in the SAR role.  Some of the things I will cover herein may not be covered in other books (although I could be wrong) or anywhere else because they are obscure and/or mundane, such as the colour of door handles and/or, the colour of wheel rims. Also covered are aspects of markings that do not constitute a full-blown paint job.

Both the Labrador and Voyageur were given paint schemes appropriate with their respective roles.  The Voyageur was green overall while the Labrador was assigned the red, white and blue scheme of aircraft working on northern radar sites of the MID Canada Line where high visibility was considered essential.  Clearly both types would benefit from a change to yellow while working as primary SAR resources. A personal note: while I liked the look of the yellow livery, which would become synonymous with SAR, I with my many, many hours of search time cannot possibly believe that yellow was the most effective colour to paint a SAR aircraft especially in Canadian fall months.!

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