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Fuselage Underside

Fuselage underside
This post will be short, as there is not much to say about the subject generally speaking, but it is included because from a modeling standpoint I think it is worth mentioning and will add to the visual presence of the plastic aircraft. Sadly there are few good pictures around, but hopefully you will find what is included useful and interesting. While antennae and lights adorn the bottom of the aircraft, my focus is on the overall look...primarily because I think sorting out antennae is more than I am willing to tackle...but perhaps you will find enough in the pictures to help you sort the subject out enough to suit your needs?

As per RCAF directives, a red rectangle was painted on the underside of the fuselage of the red, white and blue Labradors.  The rectangle measured 6’ by 2’.  Other markings on the underside that are not addressed in references are the two circles, one black the other silver (and later yellow). It is my assumption, that the silver circle is an access panel, but for what equipment is anyone’s guess. It may very well have something to do with access to the attachment of the nose gear?  As for the black circle on the underside of the forward fuselage, I am at a complete loss and discussions with friends more knowledgeable than I have not been able to shed any light on the subject.!

The silver circle in front of the nose gear is somewhat difficult to see in this photo.

Again difficult to see, the silver circle mentioned in the previous photo is yellow on this SARCUP bird.

This photo shows a portion of the black circle that is located on the left side of the nose and inline with the nose gear. I have been unable to find any explanation for this black circle and can only say that it was short lived and not on all aircraft.
The black circle on the left underside of the nose is barely visible, but is there.
This time the black area is barely visible on aircraft 305.
306 Pictured in front of an Armprior hangar has the black area...not sure though if 306 is just arriving or ready to leave?
It would appear the new Labradors were not delivered with the black circle under the nose whereas the red rectangle is visible. Also visible, albeit barely is the silver circle in front of the nose gear.

The silver circle ahead of the nose gear is visible in this photo.

Black 400 series numbers, no black circle, but the silver circle is visible.

The silver circle is visible on ARMY Voyageurs.

This photo confirms that at least some, in this case 416, ARMY Voyageurs had the black circle that early Labradors had.

Other photos show green SAR Voyageurs without the black area under the nose, but  the black spot is clearly visible on 315.
The area ahead of the nose is yellow on this preSARCUP Labrador.

WWe can plainly see in the above photos that once the aircraft were painted yellow, the large black circle disappeared and the formerly silver circle in front of the nose gear was in all cases painted yellow.

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