Saturday, 31 January 2015

Some short updates

Sorry folks, but there will be no NEW pictures in this least not yet. My primary aim today is to let you know that the  blog is still  active and that more useful modelling info is coming, just not today. I have seen and am trying to purchase pictures that will perhaps be among the most important presented on the blog to date, at least for those modelers that aim for a high degree of accuracy. Specifically, I am trying to acquire pictures, I have recently seen that show the portable  auxiliary power unit (APU) mounted on the aft ramp of CH-113 Labradors and pictures of operational Labradors that have the very early and perhaps what might logically be considered, first generation fuel dump tubes.

The picture(s) of the ramp mounted APU will be the only one(s) I am aware of that exist? With respect to the dump tube, the unanswered  question is...did these presumably first generation dump tubes (pictured in the new pictures, thus far not in my possession), appear on or before the Labrador was operational? To this point I have felt that the dump tube I consider first generation (side mounted on the tank) had not appeared on operational aircraft, but the new pictures may suggest otherwise? Stay tuned!!!!

In the meantime, I  hope you enjoy some teasers of air frame 402. Answer the question... are the pictures in sequence? Tell me your thoughts on the pictures....

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