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Green Voyageurs - Markings - Squadron Insignia, Logos and Artwork - .

Allow me a line or two to thank everyone for the support they have extended to this blog. When I started this project I was doubtful as to how much attention would be paid to such an obscure subject...or at least that is how I thought others would see it...I can honestly say my original expectations and desires have been greatly exceeded. That said, I do have one unfulfilled aspiration...more a modeler, I often had questions about one thing or the other, but few available resources or contacts from the modeling community who could or perhaps would give me the assistance I sought. I kinda have a plan as to where the blog will ultimately end...although I hope to drag it out as long as possible, but am pretty certain there are modelers who have unanswered questions. If you are one of those, who have questions, please do not hesitate to blog goals can easily shift to meet my goals and still answer your questions.

Now a short bit and some pictures about green Voyageurs and squadron insignia.

A 400 series Voyageur with black numbers, Canada flag, bilingual titles and the Mobile Command insignia below the cockpit emergency exit.
411 In white 400 series numbers, with the Canadian flag and the Mobile Command insignia on the port side emergency exit.
Black 400 series number, Canadian Flag, but no reference of any sort to Mobile Command.
White 400 series numbers, Canadian flag and again no reference of any kind to Mobile Command.

Green Voyageurs assigned to SAR squadrons, had squadron insignia affixed in two different locations, the first being immediately below the cockpit door for a period. The second location was between the left side cockpit and the emergency exit and above the emergency exit arrow. Something to note when deciding which of these locations to use for your model, is the number, size and placement of the fire extinguisher logos. Either way, Voyageurs of this period displayed “CANADA” titles as used during the “Symmetrical Era”. I have been unable to determine which position was used when.

Note that all SAR Voyageurs are wearing white 300 series numbering.

While "Arnold" is just forward of the door, it is clear squadron insignia for this livery did not make it to the right side of the air frame.
315 With the Squadron insignia just below the co-pilot's emergency exit.

At Arnprior possibly in for a new paint job, note the squadron insignia in the lower location.

310 Sporting 442 Transport and Rescue Squadron insignia...I have often wondered if 413 and 424 displayed their insignia in the lower position than is displayed above and if 442 was essentially doing their own thing during the same period, or if there was official change in the location afoot?
As a point of interest only, while Voyageurs were with Mobile Command (Army during the early integration years) the Mobile Command (MobCom) insignia was for a time in the same locations as discussed in the above paragraph. The MobCom badge had also been located on the emergency exit on the left side of the aircraft and perhaps in the same general location on the right side? Aircraft displayed “Canadian Armed Forces” titles of the “CAF Era”. After the formation of 450 Squadron, the logo was moved to the base of the left side cockpit door.

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