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Markings - Squadron Insignia, Logos and Artwork - Part 2

In the last post I talked about the eleven different locations of squadron logos, but failed to make clear that the first three discussed would be three locations on red, white and blue Labradors only with discussion on the insignia of different coloured 113s to come later. In that post one location that I mentioned, but did not elaborate on was the one on the nose of some yellow 113s. At the time I wrote the last post I was certain that I could recall the unit crest on the nose of 103 Rescue Unit aircraft, but was unable to find any pictures to support my observation...that has changed. The pictures first then a brief few comments to add some info about the pictures.

I took this picture in the early 1980's during a unit fishing derby at Soulies Pond, a short run from Gander.
Careful scrutiny of the nose of the aircraft pictured above and you should be able to make out the unit crest above the fixed landing lights (not the one that is illuminated). What the above picture does not show is which aircraft is sporting the crest. During my time with 103 we used 308, 310, 311, 315 and I think we had 312 for a short time as well, but I will have to check my logbook a little closer.

The picture also suggests that person being hoisted is someone other than a SAR Tech as they are wearing green uniform items and a white helmet with red stripes...both of which would be orange if the person was a SAR Tech (or at least the helmet and some...not all...of the uniform items would be orange).

The photo was taken by a Military Policeman supporting a climbing exercise in Gros Morne, Newfoundland. In addition to SAR Techs from 103 Rescue Unit and 413 Transport and Rescue Squadron out of Summerside, Prince Edward Island and Rangers from Gros Morne, National Park.
The 103 Unit crest is clearly visible on aircraft 310 in the above photo. If my memory is any good, the crest was 8 inches instead of the usual 12 inches.

Another picture taken by the Military Policeman supporting our climbing exercise in Gros Morne, Newfoundland.
The last of the pictures of 310 with the nose crest taken by the Military Policeman.
If you look very closely at the area just below the official squadron crest and the fixed landing lights, you can make out the black outline image of 103 Rescue Unit's St. Bernard dog. This crude art work was in place before the official crest was put on the aircraft and was created by a unit member who will remain nameless to protect his thus far untarnished image and reputation.

In my next post I will discuss the location of official unit badges on green Voyageurs.

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