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Markings - Squadron Insignia, Logos and Artwork

Squadron insignia, Logos, Artwork

Much of what has been written in the previous blogs will be of interest to a few modelers or with any luck many modelers will find the previous posts interesting, but either way it was satisfying to be able to share what I have learned from both my experience on Labradors and Voyageurs and what I learned putting this project together. But from this point on, I believe many more modelers will find the contents of the next couple of posts interesting, because regardless of what our modeling goals are or were, regardless of the degree of accuracy we have each aimed for, we almost all put some kind of markings on our builds. There are a couple of pretty fine books out there that deal specifically with markings, so I am not attempting to better those, but rather my goal in this post is to put some context to markings used on 113 variants during the years I flew on them.

In spite of the fact there has been a number (albeit limited) of insignia and logos affixed to Labradors and Voyageurs over the years, I have chosen to deal primarily with squadron insignia (both official and unofficial). There is some mention of other badges and artwork I think interesting or important to the modeler, but placement is the main focus, not colour or design (IE: maple leaf type or letter type or colour).  This is in part due to the scarcity of photos that I have seen while at the same time the movement of the squadron insignia from one location to another intrigues me somewhat.

In total, and of course to the best of my ability, I have identified 11 different locations for the placement of squadron insignia.  Of those 11 locations, photos can support 10 arrangements, while the 11th is based entirely on my personal recollection.  The locations… and livery… of the aircraft are identified in the following paragraphs primarily with pictures and are not discussed in a conclusive chronological manner, because I am unable to make such claims with any degree of confidence.  The same goes to the placement of squadron badges on one or both sides of the airframes, so unless stated otherwise, insignia is on one side of the aircraft.

Red, white and blue Labradors had squadron insignia located in three locations when and if there was even a crest applied.  The first position discussed herein is the placement of the badge below the forward point of lightning stripe on aircraft bearing the “Royal Canadian Air Force Title (RCAF+3 or the New-Leaf Eras).

The second location discussed is placement of squadron insignia on red, white and blue Labradors immediately in front of the first search blister.  Undated pictures suggest, the crest was applied when the aircraft sported “Canadian Armed Forces” titles only. The lack of available photos suggests that placement of the squadron badge in this location was for a relatively short period. I can say confidently that aircraft with black serials are likely to have had the badge located here at some time or other.

The Third location is only a few inches above the point of the stripe on aircraft with aircraft wearing the “Canada” titles. Although I have been unable to determine whether the use of the badge was symmetrical (one on either side) or not…I tend to believe they were not and that the crest was shown on the left side only in this livery. The pictures below are arranged chronologically as near as I can determine at the time the project drew to a close.
DND Photo showing the squadron logo under the tip of the lightning bolt. Note the placement of the white numbers.

This DND photo shows 404 with black numbers.
Photo courtesy Derek Heyes

Photo courtesy Derek Heyes

Photo courtesy Bill Ewing

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