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Miscellaneous crests

Pictures of Miscellaneous Crests

Towards the end of the Labrador's and Voyageur's service life, there was much celebration of that service and in general search and rescue. The focus of this blog is to provide the reader and/or modeler pictures of those various crests or logos rather than the story behind them.

The crest shown on 301 in the photo below is to celebrate 50 Years of Search and Rescue. The crest is displayed on both sides, mid fuselage. The same crest was worn on Air Force environmental clothing of persons serving in all capacities in a SAR organization.

While my sense is that the anniversary crest would be a natural for placement on all Labradors and Voyageurs, this does not appear to be the case. I could only find pictures of 301, 304 and 318 with the crest applied.

Another crest that seems to be a natural for placement on all 113s is the "Mission Accomplished" crest. Like the 50th Anniversary crest, this smaller badge appeared on both sides, but closer to the front of 113 fuselages. I have pictured all airframes that I am aware of that wore the decals.

308 Is seen, in the photos above and below, to have the crest applied on both sides of the fuselage in a similar location.

The picture of Voyageur 310 shows the crest in the expected location between the forward search blister and aft of the right front door.

Unlike 308, the crest on the left side is placed just below the tip of the lightning bot.

Voyageur 310 continued to wear the crest into retirement. This picture taken in July of 2010 shows Arnold being readied for display in the Comox Air Park. Photo Randy Brown

Whereas 310 retired with the crest in place Voyageur 315 does not have the "Mission Accomplished" crest as it sits retired in Trenton, Ontario. 315 Not wearing the crest is suggestive of only some air frames having the crest?

301 Retired to the Canadian Aviation Museum in Ottawa has both the anniversary and "Mission Accomplished" badge applied on both sides, almost certainly the only 113 so decorated. It is also the only one to have all the squadron crests displayed on the fuselage .

On the left side are 442 Squadron and 103 Rescue Unit. Photo Jeff Wilson

In the above photo, 442 Squadron crest is to the left of the red band and 103 Rescue Unit crest to the right of the band. In the photo below, 413 Squadron crest is aft of the band while 424 Squadron crest is forward of the red SAR band.

Do not know anything about the 103 markings on the external tank, but will take a guess that it is related to 103s pack leading time in search and rescue? If you have the hard facts, I would like to hear more about the markings.

I would also guess that 304 may very well be the only air frame with the tanks decorated in this manner? Again, if you can further enlighten me I would be grateful. DND Photo

Not sure what the logo beneath the time stamp references so welcome reader input again. Photo Jeff Wilson.

Other markings on older 113s that I know little about and would like some assistance explaining are pictured below. The CEPE crest below appeared on Labrador 401 shortly after being delivered to the RCAF. Did the badge appear on both external tanks or not? Was 401 the only aircraft to carry the badge? Do you you know?

Likewise, with the crest below that appeared on Voyageur 408, did the blue and white logo appear on both sides of the aircraft and was 408 the only Voyageur to display the badge? Your help would be much appreciated.

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