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Other Squadron Markings in Other Locations

Other Squadron Markings in Other Locations

The livery and era that had squadron insignia located in the most locations was, not surprisingly, SARCUP.  Both Labradors and Voyageurs had, at various times in their service life, insignia displayed in different ways. Today's post will provide another look at the placement of mostly, but not exclusively, unofficial squadron markings. What I have not done, is dig into the use of these markings in the identified locations, by era so you are encouraged to check your photo references carefully.

The first location was the use of the squadron “device” from the official crest displayed in silhouette on the aft pylon.  It is my assertion that the use of and placement of the silhouette was left up to the unit as only 442 and 424 have confirmed use of silhouettes. All pictures I have with 113s with squadron silhouettes are Voyageurs, but that does not necessarily mean that Labradors never had silhouette just means at this point I do not have a photo with a Labrador with a silhouette. 

Both Chris Smallenberg's and Derek Heyes, photographs were of Voyageur 307. One picture shows the silhouette on the left side and aft portion of the aft pylon behind the Canadian flag, the other in the same location on the right side.

So while the photos indicate that 307 did not have the silhouettes by August of 2008, how long the silhouettes were in place is somewhat of a mystery. The picture above is believed to have been taken in November of 2000.

The above picture was taken in August of 2008 after 307 ditching off the east side of Vancouver Island. Note that this picture shows 307 without the silhouette.

As Derek Heyes shows in his 2007 photo, Voyageur 310 served with 442 Squadron and had silhouettes painted on the aft pylon. 310 Last served with 424 Squadron as will be seen in later photos.

Voyageur 312 shown above in Chris Smallenberg's 1999 picture with silhouettes.

Unlike most pictures showing Voyageurs with silhouettes, 316 has both the silhouette on the aft pylon and the 442 Squadron crest on the left front fuselage below the lightning bolt tip.

Voyageur 318 above also with both the silhouette and the squadron crest on the forward fuselage.

Voyageur 318 in Penticton (1995).

The second arrangement is the use of the round unofficial 424 Squadron crest in the same general location on the aft pylon aft of the Canadian flag on both sides. On pictures of Labrador 301, the crest is centered aft of the back of the Canadian flag while on other aircraft, the crest is clearly nearer the top of the Canadian flag, so if accuracy is your thing, pay attention to your photo references.

Labrador 301 above with the 424 Squadron unofficial crest.

Labrador 302 with the unofficial 424 Squadron crest on the aft pylon in a location lower than that of 301.

Voyageur 308 with a left side unofficial crest on the aft pylon.

Two pictures taken by Eric Dumigan taken during the same exercise show the unofficial 424 crest on both sides of the aft pylon.

Voyageur 315 being serviced by technician. While the 424 unofficial squadron crest can be clearly seen on the right side, but on just visible on the left side. DND Photo.

The third arrangement is the use of a silhouette by 424 Squadron, but painted in a location ahead of the forward search blister. I do not have photographic evidence to determine whether the tiger silhouette is on both sides of the fuselage or the right side only. Also unless I come across other pictures of other helicopters with the same silhouette, it would appear 308 may well have been the only air frame with the mid-fuselage silhouette?

Photo Randy Brown - Webeque, Ontario 1996.

A 413 squadron aircraft is depicted in the photograph below with an official squadron crest on the aft pylon.
I cannot confirm, but presume the badge is on both sides of the aft pylon.

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